The proven lines and prospects that I use for work and breeding are McCallum bred dogs. The McCallum lines were selected for their desire to work, trainability, conformation, coat, strength, and bite. Some dogs may have a shot of Alexander lines, but will be primarily McCallum. Only the best males and females, with the right characteristics, are chosen for my breeding program.

In 2003 I bought Sis from Joe and Laura Stimatze as a puppy, and using their puppy training video, I had great success. In 2007 Sis had pups and I kept two of them. In 2008 I took on of the pups, the female, Sweet, to four trials in the Novice Division and had a 1st place, a 2nd place and two 4th place finishes.

To view the dogs I currently own and breed, clink on the links below.  There you will find more information and pictures of the dogs as well as pedigrees on each.