Growing up with hunting dogs all my life gave me an appreciation for exceptional dogs that were good at their jobs. In high school I was given an Australian Shepherd pup that had lots of drive and would track any kind of stock. However, when I met John Ed Rogers while practicing for the Kansas cutting horse futurity I was introduced to Border Collies. The cows were about 200 yards away in the pasture and John sent his dog to fetch. When the dog got close, John whistled and his dog did a belly slide. I was hooked.

My breeding program happened by chance when in 1991 I was fortunate enough to meet Joe and Laura Stimatze. After spending time with Joe and Laura and watching their dogs, I was impressed and felt no need to look further. Raising and training Border Collies has become a passion for me that has quickly turned into a business. It’s gratifying to bring a dog along and ultimately hand him off to someone who appreciates a fine dog and the hours it takes to make him so.